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Races in Virginia, too close to call
July 2012

A Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday morning shows that Virginia voters are spilt down the middle on which candidate for President they would vote for.  44% for Obama and 44% for Romney.  In March Obama lead with a 50% of the votes compared to Romney’s 42% and in June Obama lead with 47% of the votes compared to Romney’s 42%. 

Fifty-one % of voters in Virginia do not approve of the job that the President is currently doing and 50% do not feel he should be re-elected to a second term.  Independent voters are 40% for Obama and 38% for Romney.  Obama does lead women voters with a 46% lead over Romney’s 41%; however Romney leads with men with a 46% lead over Obama’s 42%.

The race between Tim Kaine and George Allen is also way too close to call and it seems that it might stay that way until the election on November 6th.  Independent voters do favor Kaine slightly over Allen, 44% for Kaine and 42% for Allen.  Men prefer Allen by 50% to Kaine’s 43%, however women prefer Kaine 45% to Allen’s 42%. 

Virginia voters are evenly spilt when it comes to how they feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obama care.  47% agree and 47% disagree.

Stay tuned as the summer heats up…


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